Join the “no-resolutions” movement.

You’re probably already seeing the same old shite you see every year on social media and on television centred around generic New Year’s Resolutions. Lose the holiday weight! Stop drinking for January. New year, new me! 2020 is going to be the year I ……*enter generic resolution* I’m not saying that any of these are aContinue reading “Join the “no-resolutions” movement.”

Transitioning to Sustainable Fashion

Fashion. A seemingly frivolous topic but we all wear clothes and we all have a mixture of emotions connected to them. Some of us have too many and have nowhere to store them. Some of us have gained weight and feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in them. Some of us are struggling with money and ourContinue reading “Transitioning to Sustainable Fashion”

How I Got Out of Debt

When I moved to London, I had some savings but not very much and I quickly burned through what I had. Up to that point, I hadn’t learned very good habits with money but I had also never needed much for what I wanted to do. I travelled a lot and the cost of livingContinue reading “How I Got Out of Debt”